Multiculturalism, Cosmopolitanism, Globalism: A Nietzschean Perspective on Postcolonial Culture

By Daniel White.

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The assertion of dominance on the part of colonial and neocolonial interests has created a “new world order” that counters a viable postcolonial culture.

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 1. Article: Electronic (PDF File; 299.105KB), ISSN: ISSN 1447-9559, HC03-0035-2003. Article: Print (Spiral Bound), ISSN: ISSN 1447-9508, HC03-0035-2003.

Prof Daniel White

Daniel White teaches philosophy in the interdisciplinary liberal-arts curriculum of Florida Atlantic University’s Honors College, of which he is a founding faculty member. He is author of Postmodern Ecology and coauthor of Labyrinths of the Mind (both Albany: State University of New York Press, 1998).


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