Effects of Freedom of Speech Attitudes and Communication Styles on Physical Violence, Hate Speech, Marijuana Use and Alcohol Intoxication Among University Students

By William A. Haskins and Neil Quisenberry.

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There has always been an assumption among researchers that verbal aggression often leads to acts of violence. In fact, verbal aggression has been called the most significant precursor to the act of murder (Zillmann 1973). The purpose of this research is to not only understand the impact of verbal aggression on violent outcomes, but to determine if communication style and attitude towards communication by college students have any impact on their antisocial behavior, including physical violence. We surveyed 526 college students to determine the effect of their free speech attitudes and each type of communication style on the antisocial outcomes of physical violence, hate speech, marijuana use and alcohol intoxication. We found significant relationships between communication style and certain antisocial behaviors.

Keywords: Freedom of Speech, Argumentative Communication, Verbal Aggression, Hate Speech, Physical Violence, Alcohol Intoxication, Marijuana Use

The International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp.93-106. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 600.320KB).

Dr. William A. Haskins

Professor of Speech Communications, Division of LLC, McKendree University, Lebanon, Illinois, USA

I enjoy teaching courses in freedom of speech, communication ethics, intercultural communication, argumentation and debate, and organizational communication. I have published widely in law, religion, education, engineering, ethics and international journals.

Dr. Neil Quisenberry

Assistant Professor, Division of Social Science, McKendree University, Lebanon, Illinois, USA

I have been teaching at McKendree University for the past four years and I direct the criminal justice program. I have taught a wide variety of courses in sociology and criminal justice. I have published in journals such as Deviant Behavior and The Sociological Quarterly. My research interests include hate crime, research methods, and criminological theory.


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