From History’s Dustbin: A Semiotics of Evolvability Discovered within Man and his Mountain of Transformation

By Judy Kay King.

Published by The Humanities Collection

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Grounded in the semiotics of Charles S. Peirce, T.A. Sebeok and new biosemiotic theory, this research is a preliminary investigation of the psychic meaning of Man and his Mountain, transformative signs which are often found in religion, myth and literature. Recently, biologists discovered horizontal gene transfer (HGT), the exchange of DNA between different species (aka evolvability or the evolution of evolution), is a common process occurring not only in Bacteria and Archaea, but also in Eukarya—plants, fungi and human cells. Since many of Nature’s laws are still veiled, it is clearly illogical to argue absolutely that HGT for human DNA is not possible after death based on the absence of hard evidence. For that reason and historical evidence pointing to a comparative biosemiotic use of Man and his Mountain, this paper aligns a semiotics of evolvability with the confusing biophysical survival messages preserved in Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s evolutionary philosophy, Mesoamerican myth, and the Book of Revelation.

Keywords: Evolutionary Biophysics, Semiotics of Evolvability, Horizontal Gene Transfer, Teilhard de Chardin, Book of Revelation, Mesoamerican Myth, Religion and Science, Ancient Egypt

The International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp.113-126. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 940.298KB).

Judy Kay King

President, Gaylord, Michigan, USA

My work centers on biosemiotics in cultural activities (mythology, literature, religion, science, art and so on) to determine human meaning, expand intentionality, and share knowledge about our potential for evolutionary survival and adaptation within the universe. My background includes an education grounded in semiotics, a ten-year career in college instruction related to writing, literature, mythology and business communication courses, academic positions in project management and staff development, self-employment as a competitive grant writer for educational goals, and experience as an author and publisher. I am interested in the enlightenment and preservation of humanity.


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