Participatory Culture, Video Gaming, and “Real World” Skills

By Kathleen Taylor Brown, Mary Mino, Jeanna E. Cooper and Erik Bertelsen.

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This essay focuses on James Paul Gee’s and Henry Jenkins’s research. Both are advocates of creating participatory cultures, where learners not only understand theory but also apply this theory in practice, and using video games as an instructional delivery approach. The significant constructs of these researchers’ theories are presented. Within the context of this research, a preliminary quantitative study exploring the use of critical thinking skills and the transferability of video gaming skills is discussed.

Keywords: Applied Communications, Video Gaming, Particpatory Culture

The International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp.1-10. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 543.237KB).

Dr. Kathleen Taylor Brown

Assistant Professor of Communications, Academic Affairs, Communications Department Faculty member, The Pennsylvania State University, McKeesport, PA, USA

My background is holistic and includes both practical experience and solid research skills. I have participated nationally as a presenter and author for academic conference papers and as a peer reviewer for communication publications. Teaching Interests: Undergraduate and Graduate courses in applied communication theory: research methods, communications, advertising and public relations. Specifically, communication courses related to new media. Research Interests: The importance of Applied Communications, Integrated Marketing and Communication Model,Video Gaming, Participatory Culture, Learning, and Discourse.

Dr. Mary Mino

Associate Professor, Communication, The Pennsylvania State University, Dubois, Pennsylvania, USA

Mary Mino is an Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences. She received her Bachelors of Arts degree in Theatre Arts and her Master of Arts and Doctoral degrees in Speech Communication from the Pennsylvania State University. She serves as an advisor in the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Communications. In addition to teaching Communication Arts and Sciences 100, the basic public speaking course, Dr. Mino offers an interpersonal communication course, HDFS 216, which focuses on Relationship Enhancement (RE) Skills Training. She was awarded post-doctoral certificates in Relationship Enhancement both as a Program Leader and as a Supervisor of Program Leaders. Dr. Mino also offers a course in small group communication, Communication Arts and Sciences 250 that is designed primarily for business students as part of their degree program. Each semester she offers independent studies (Communication Arts and Sciences 296 and 496) for students who are interested in refining their oral communication skills. Further, she teaches a Gender Communication Course for both Communication and Women’s Studies majors. Dr. Mino has also taught honors courses in voice and diction and oral interpretation of literature. Dr. Mino is an active member of the Speech Communication Association of Pennsylvania, the Speech Communication Association of Puerto Rico, the Eastern Communication Association, and the National Communication Association. Over the years, she has been honored with several teaching awards which include the Eastern Communication Association's Donald Ecroyd and Caroline Drummond Ecroyd Teaching Excellence Award. She was also selected as an Eastern Communication Teaching Fellow. Dr. Mino is a member of the graduate faculty at Penn State. Her publications and research interests focus primarily on communication education. Specifically, she is committed to improving oral communication skills training.

Jeanna E. Cooper

Instructor IST, IST, The Pennsylvania State University, McKeesport, Pennsylvania, USA

Jeanna Cooper is an Instructor in Information Sciences and Technology and an affiliated Business faculty member. Her teaching interests include Project Management (business and IT), Geographic Information Systems, Marketing Research, and Business Research. She is currently ABD at Robert Morris University, working on a D.Sc. in Information Systems & Communications and an MS program in Competitive Intelligence Systems. Her research interests include techniques to detect deception in a variety of information systems; security issues in supply chain management; diversity issues in employment; and the evaluation of competitive intelligence information sources.

Erik Bertelsen

Student, Honors Program, State College High School, State College, Pennsylvania, USA


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