You Cannot Swim in Foam: Information Flooding and Information Dilution in Processes of Change

By Cristian Suteanu.

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Recent advances in the realm of conceptual tools have enabled us to handle confidently entities that were, at the same time, very strange, and very common. Very strange, because their properties did not fit our classical measurement schemes, and stubbornly resisted any attempts at rigorous quantification. Very common, because they have always been around us, and represent essential aspects of nature. At the same time, our capability of generating material entities that are almost identical to each other, such as cars, windows, or tennis balls, was perceived as a power-confirming achievement. Now we experience an era that is allegedly able to produce not just similarity, but true identicalness – which was found in the past only at the microscopic level or in the world of mathematics. The paper explores our evolving relationship to information, in confrontation with similarity, identicalness, and self-affinity in a changing world.

Keywords: Information, Identicalness, Similarity, Self-Affinity, Digital Era, Globalization, Virtualization, Mass Production

The International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp.69-76. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 535.125KB).

Dr. Cristian Suteanu

Assistant Professor, Geography Department and Environmental Studies Program, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Cristian Suteanu’s main interests are related to aspects of information dynamics in human-environment relations. Complex systems analysis and modeling are thus considered from the point of view of their meanings for our relationship to the world. He is studying patterns in the physical environment – with the aim of characterizing irregularities and the dynamics of pattern change – as well as their human perception and its evolution in interaction with a changing environment. He holds a Ph.D. in “Physics of the Earth” (Romanian Academy, Bucharest, 1997) and an M.Phil. in “Philosophy of Culture” (University of Bucharest, 1998). He edited two books, and published over 40 scholarly articles, which include studies on evolving geohazards, processes of meaning in geoscience and geosemiotics, complexity and its implications for changing worldviews. Dr. Suteanu gave over 60 invited lectures and presentations worldwide, and organized conference sessions both in science and the humanities (e.g. “Crossroads in Cultural Studies”, Birmingham). He was affiliated with the Institute of Geodynamics of the Romanian Academy (Bucharest), and moved in 2002 to Saint Mary’s University (Halifax, Canada), where he is cross-appointed in the Geography Department and the Environmental Studies Program. He also has ongoing teaching, theses supervision, and research projects at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.


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