Musical Chairs: A Case and Commentary about Creating Inclusive Educational Practices

By Coral Cara.

Published by The Humanities Collection

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To create effective and accessible teaching and learning one often has to create paradigm shifts that get educators to think outside of the square; to think deeply about what they do and why they do it. Musical chairs is a children’s game that is often played in which a set of chairs is arranged in a line or semi circle. Music is played as the children dance around and it is when the music stops that the children rush to find a seat. Each time this is repeated, one or more chairs are removed; which means that children who can’t get a seat, go ‘out’ until there is ultimately only one chair left with one ‘winner’. This case writing looks at a session conducted for First year preservice teachers in their teacher training course.

Keywords: Inclusive Educational Practices, Accessible Learning, Improving Student Learning, Ethos Conducive to Learning, Supportive Learning Environment, Using Games to Enhance Learning, Inclusive Teaching, Working with Diversity

The International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 5, Issue 7, pp.215-222. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 732.347KB).

Coral Cara

Lecturer/Academic, Faculty of Arts, Education and Human Development, School of Education, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

Coral Cara has extensive experience as an educator, consultant, teacher and lecturer. She has a passion for the creation of inclusive accessible education for all and describes this as the creation of “A learning community that values, respects and supports, and openly engages all participants in the learning process; and through inclusive practice provides access to and engagement with effective teaching and learning for all” (Cara: 2006). In this learning community; all participants are valued for their unique contributions.


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