It is Just Two Words! An Investigation of Two Cultures’ Interpretations of Two New Curricula Terms

By Kerry Maree Lee and Ulu Waqavanua.

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Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and the biggest concentration of Pacific Island people in the world. The number of Pacific Island students is rising rapidly and there is an urgent need to ensure educational content is appropriate to all students’ needs. Recently changes have occurred with the development of a new school curriculum. Amongst many changes, two new terms ‘enterprise’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ have been included. This drove this investigation to see whether different cultures interpret these terms in a similar fashion. It became clear that they don’t. This paper briefly outlines the differing interpretations and discusses the implications for teaching.

Keywords: Curriculum, Teacher Understanding, Entrepreneurship, Enterprise, Technology Education

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp.117-122. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 538.512KB).

Kerry Maree Lee

Senior lecturer, School for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education,, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Kerry Lee is senior lecturer in Technology Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Kerry has a Bachelor of Science degree from Massey University. Her Masters in Education specialises in Technology education. Her thesis focussed on primary and tertiary institution links when teaching Technology education. Kerry has presented papers on technology education at numerous national and international conferences including the International Conference on Technology Education Research 2001 & 2006; Breakthroughs- The Ninth International conference on Thinking, 2001 and TENZ conferences 1997, 1999, 2001 & 2003. Kerry was invited to be the plenary speaker on Technology Education at the 8th five-year planning meeting for 10 South East Asian countries at SEAMEO RECSAM, Malaysia, 2003. She has been published in the International Journal of Technology and Design Education, the International Journal of Diversity and Organisations Communities and Nations; The Journal of Technology Studies and the International Journal of Teaching and Learning and High Education (in press).

Ulu Waqavanua

Early Childhood Teacher, University of Auckland, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Ulu Waqavanua was born in Fiji, where she received her primary and secondary education. Her family migrated to NZ in 1996. She has seven years experience teaching 0-5 year olds in NZ and 5 years experience running children’s programmes in Fiji. She began her teacher training in 2004 at the Auckland College of Education where she completed a Diploma of Teaching in early childhood. She has just completed her Bachelors of Education from the University of Auckland and has now started her Masters at the Faculty of Education at the University of Auckland.


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