Parental Influence on Academic Success: A Case Study on a Private High School in Turkey

By Fulya Damla Kentli.

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Much of the work concerning out-of-school influences on students’ prospects for academic success stems from James Coleman’s 1966 study on student and parental characteristics, and student success. Coleman found that parental factors such as household composition, socioeconomic status, and parents’ level of education were stronger predictors of students’ educational attainment than were direct school-related factors. In the context of this framework, a private high school’s graduates in Turkey have been selected and parental influence on their academic success has been explored in this study. More specifically, the relationship between parental influence and academic success for private high school’s graduates was investigated and, in that context, parents’ structure and socioeconomic background have been examined. Results will be discussed on obtained data. 18 interviews with graduates were conducted and analyzed in MAXqda. Results indicate that graduates’ academic success is influenced by the interrelationships among parental educational and occupational status. Also, an intellectually stimulating home setting, in which parents provide opportunities for children and encourage their children to become involved in working discipline; and parent-child interactions that support the pursuit of excellence in academic and cultural experiences enable children to be more successful.

Keywords: Academic Success, Parental Influence, Private School in Turkey

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp.65-70. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 921.916KB).

Dr. Fulya Damla Kentli

PhD Candidate, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Fulya Damla Kentli is currently completing her PhD at the Faculty of Education Science at University of Hamburg, working on issues relating to foreign and private schools in Turkey, hidden curriculum, career choice.


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