Designing Blended Learning in Higher Education: The Neomillenial Learner and Mediated Immersion

By Karen Le Rossignol.

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Blended learning as a term and a learning approach is still being refined, at times debated as a legitimate area of research, at times seen as the answer to the conundrum and challenges of the digital learner. Is it the Emperor’s new clothes? As Morrison (2003) suggests, blended learning could be seen as an uncertain or unsure strategy, or alternatively a way to find a solution to promises given for e-learning. Three case studies within this paper explore the possibilities of e-learning within a work-based framework. Elements of ‘neomillenial learning styles’ (Dede in Educause Quarterly vol 28 No 1 2005) reflected by students in postgraduate coursework programs provided the challenge and stimulation of designing and facilitating e-learning components, incorporating experiential or action learning with ‘associational’ approaches rather than linear ones. The journey to virtual simulations such as the postgraduate Newlandia incorporates the learner perspective, or how to activate neomillenial learning styles; blended learning with online and face-to-face community activist groups working for solutions to a water problem; and a virtual scenario which can appeal to and engage an internationalised user group. Do Dede’s neomillenial learners synthesise and process experiences rather than (or as well as) information? Is this mediated immersion a part of Newlandia’s applicability to the modern learner? The student teams of community activists and project managers described in the case studies incorporate a potent mix of learning styles, nationalities and backgrounds, expectations, interpersonal and technical skills and indicate a trend in millennial learners towards a community of knowledge which is collaborative, mobile and group-focused.

Keywords: Blended Learning, Millennial Learner, Experiential, Neomillennial Learning Styles, Mediated Immersion

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 10, pp.53-60. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 579.448KB).

Karen Le Rossignol

Lecturer in Professional Writing, School of Communication and Creative Arts, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Karen Le Rossignol’s journey as an educator has been driven by exploration of and experimentation with creative learning approaches and resources. This has been coupled with a depth of research into blended learning as it is adapted to different learning styles, multiple intelligences and their appropriate assessment tools. This rich experience over thirty years has included developing state and national curricula at post-compulsory education level, running a freelance writing business and exploring a range of undergraduate and postgraduate experiential learning approaches.


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