The Connection between Ma`ani Nahwi in Arabic and Modistae in Latin: An Approach to the History of Linguistic Studies

By Solehah Yaacob, Abdul Razak Abdul Rahman Al- Sa’adi and Ataullah Bogdan Kopanski.

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The research emphasizes on the connection between the Arabic concept of ma`ani nahwi and modistae in Latin. In order to identify this connection, the researcher has to elaborate on the role of Aristotle’s categories in influencing the concept of modistae in the Middle Ages first. The paper will then reevaluate the influence of Muslim philosophers such as al-Farabi (c.870-c.950 AD), Avicenna (980-1037 AD) and Averoes (c.1126-c.1198 AD) in Latin and clarify the role of Jurjani (d.1078 AD) in introducing his concept of nazm towards ma`ani nahwi. The result of the research will also enhance the understanding of the relationship between syntax and semantic which has not been effectively clarified within the framework of traditional Arabic grammatical theory.

Keywords: Connection, Ma`ani Nahw, Arabic Grammatical Concept, The Style of Modistae Thinking, Jurjani and Averroes

The International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 12, pp.101-110. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 685.947KB).

Dr. Solehah Yaacob

Lecturer, Department of Arabic Language and Literature, International Islamic University, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia

All the degrees from international Islamic University, Malaysia, working experience 16 years, specialization in philosophy in Arabic Grammar, some of the articles published: Greek influence in Arabic grammar, al-Qarinah fi al-maqam, mauqifu an-nuhah fi al-falsafah an-nahw and some grammatical analysis in Arabic grammar.

Dr. Abdul Razak Abdul Rahman Al- Sa’adi

Assoc.Prof. in Arabic, Assoc.Prof. in Arabic Dept. of Kulliyah Islamic Revealed Knowledge in Inte.Islamic University, Malaysia., International Islamic University, Malaysia

He currently Assoc.Prof. in Arabic Dept. of Kulliyah Islamic Revealed Knowledge in Inte.Islamic University, Malaysia. He was born in City of Haiti, Al-Anbar Province, Iraq in 1949 and has obtained an academic authorization (Ijaazah) from the erudite scholars (Sheikhs) famously recognized in the areas of logics, textual knowledge, Islamic legal sciences and the sciences of Arabic Language. It is an authorization which is connected to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He has taught Arabic Language Studies with interest in Syntax/Morphology and Islamic legal issues for many years, discussed and supervised a great number of research theses at both levels of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students (Masters and PhD) at Iraqi and Malaysian Universities up till date. In addition to that, he has corrected many academic research works for publication in Academic Journals or/ and for academic progress. All these have put the number of his academic achievements at more than one hundred in contribution to the University human capacity.

Dr. Ataullah Bogdan Kopanski

Professor in History and Civilization of Human Science, Professor in History and Civilization of Human Science in IRKHS Inte. Islamic University Malaysia, International Islamic University, Malaysia

All the degrees obtained from University of Silesia, Poland. His present position is Professor of history and civilization, Dept. of Human Science Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Science, Inte. Islamic University, Malaysia. In addition to that, he has involved in many academics research works such as publication in several academic journals, books and articles. His field of interest, research and expertise Military History, History of the late Antiquity and Middle Ages, Muslim anti-colonial Resistance in the 19th-20th century CE, History of Eurasia, War crimes and atrocities against Muslim populations and American Indians. In Philosophy, concentrated more on Morphology of the Past, Reconstructionism and Revisionism, Islamic Critical Theory of Art, Fascism, Russian Thought, Arianism, Technological progress and Traditionalism. Prof.Ataullah Bogdan Kopanski currently Professor in History and Civilization of Human Science in IRKHS Inte. Islamic University Malaysia. Born in Katowice, Upper Silesia, Poland in 1948, citizen of USA. He has obtained all the degrees from University of Silesia, Poland in History and diploma of North America School of Conservation and Wild life (NASCWL) at Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. Has working experience in Poland, Syria, Texas and Pakistan as academician. He also was awarded winner of Rectors`s Award of University of Silesia 1976 and 1978, Selected CV for the International who is who Historical Society Dictionary TM of Word Professionals 2000 Edition of Editorial Board, Tampa , Florida USA 2001, The medal of Freedom and Defense of citizen rights of University of Silesia Committee of Solidarity Union 2001, The best lecturer of Kulliyah of IRKHs 2004. For major publication and translation 1980-2000 please refer to his website. His language proficiency are 1) Fluent and very good :Silesian, Polish, Russian and Latin, 2) Good and sufficient: Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, German and French, 3)poorly: Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Turkic-Tatar and Pashtu.


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