The New Female Muslim Thinkers or DWEMS (Daring Women as Enlightened Muslim Scholars)

By Souad Halila.

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This study seeks to anchor the subject of Muslim women thinkers in a post-colonial, post-patriarchal, post-modern, post DWEM (read Dead White European Males), post-feminist/third wave, and post-Islamist theoretical framework and to outline a synthesis which purports to describe and portray the new DWEMS or the emergent Daring Women as Enlightened Muslim Scholars. Equipping themselves with both secular and sacred devices, in addition to a propensity for audacity, determination, charisma, spirit, self-reliance, prowess, resolution, stamina, spunk and pluck, the new DWEMS leave no stone unturned. They now immerse themselves in Quranic hermeneutics from a feminist standpoint, and now venture towards every possible secular paradigm to bring in a new voice that is neither too codified and rigid nor too disarrayed and loose. This seemingly third world-ish, third way-ish, “Wassatiyya” (in-between) type of thinking is multi-dimensional in its approaches and intentions where not only secular reasoning and religious thought but also sartorial choices are often blurred and imbricated, refusing reductionism and essentialism.

Keywords: Islamic Feminism, Female Exegetes, Islamic Re-renaissance, The New Hermeneutics, Aka Tajdeed in Arabic and Nouvellisme in French, The Greater Jihad, Ijtihaad

The International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 12, pp.127-136. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 588.630KB).

Dr. Souad Halila

University of Tunis Al Manar, Tunisia

Souad Halila (Ph.D. in History from the University of Southern California, 1988) is Assistant Professor of History and Cultural Studies at the University of Tunis Al-Manar. Prior to that, she has taught at the University of the Center, in Sousse, Tunisia for eight years and at King Saud University, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 11 years. Totally dedicated to teaching and research (and gardening too), she makes a point of introducing new subjects in the department’s curriculum every two years, by teaching contemporary issues in Britain, the USA, and the Muslim world, Research Methodology, Multiculturalism, Black Studies, Islamic Issues, Civil Society, and Environmental Issues. A three-time Fulbright scholar to the United States, the last was under the program “Direct Access to the Muslim World”. She is the author of several articles about Black, Islamic, and Environmental Issues. Halila lectured in Saudi Arabia, France, Spain, and the USA, is fluent in Arabic, French, and English and uses primary sources from these languages.


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