What’s Love Got to Do with Pathophysiology?

By Masoud Ghaffari.

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Education for “life” has transformed into education for “living” in recent years. Institutions of higher education, due to economic realities, have turned into vocational institutions. Instant gratification and individualistic mentality have afflicted societies from West to East. Due to the vocational nature of institutes of higher education, courses in humanities, language, art, and other fundamental courses which give students a broader perspective on the world at large have been reduced to a bare minimum or have been eliminated altogether. The topic of love is deemed inappropriate for discussion in college classes. As a result, every year many college graduates enter the job market with advanced technical knowledge but with inadequate knowledge of self and others, self-love and love for others. This study sought to explore perceptions of love by nursing students and their perspectives on the importance of teaching love in college classes.

Keywords: Love, Holistic Education, Human Intelligence, Caring

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp.205-226. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.337MB).

Dr. Masoud Ghaffari

Associate Professor, Department of Adult Nursing, College of Nursing, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tennessee, USA

Dr. Masoud Ghaffari is an Associate Professor in the College of Nursing at East Tennessee State University. His areas of specialization are educational psychology, urban education, health education and community health, nursing management and leadership, medical technology, and medicine. His research interests include understanding of ontology and epistemology of human intelligence, transpersonal phenomenology, complexity and chaos theory, self-organizing theory, system theory, and constructivist learning theory. In addition, he has interest in school reform and holistic education. A holistic paradigm of human intelligence, Trinity Paradigm of Intelligence (TPI), emerged from one of his studies which has expanded our understanding of the topic.


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