Cosmological Patterns in Ancient Egypt and China: The Way to Unify the Universe through Knowledge, Mind, Energy, and the Beneficence of the Elements

By Judy Kay King.

Published by The Humanities Collection

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Ancient Egypt and China share a realist process metaphysics related to human afterlife transformation. Veiling this transformative biophysics from the general population, the Egyptian pharaonic priesthood and the Chinese sages aimed to unify the universe via a transformation to cosmic mind or energy. To understand their process of change based on knowledge and observer-participancy, this research is a preliminary investigation into both cultures’ similar use of psychic transformative signs (mountain, hybrid, gate) often found in religion, myth and literature. Grounded in the semiotics of C. S. Peirce and as part of a continuing inductive argument, testing predictions based on a thesis on the meaning of Ancient Egyptian texts, this paper examines the pharaonic path to universality profiled in ancient Egyptian texts, while showing that the ancient Chinese ‘Way’ is remarkably similar. In an attempt to approximately verify natural law via induction, this semiotic approach supports that, should we understand the classical action of signs as a holographic veil of the molecular world, a lawful biophysical system for the evolution to universal mind would be accessible to human reason. Depending on observer-participancy, a central feature of the quantum world, both Egyptian and Chinese texts reinforce that the mind acts as the cosmic unifying force. Mind may be the missing element related to 21st Century Physics’ search for its ‘Holy Grail,’ a theory of quantum gravity to shed light on the Big Bang, microscopic black hole spacetime, and the unification of the four forces. To explore these ideas, this paper will examine biophysical survival messages preserved in Ancient Egyptian texts that are mirrored in the Chinese Lî Kî, the stele inscriptions of Ch’in Shih-Huang, and other texts.

Keywords: Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Knowledge and Mind, Process Metaphysics, Semiotics of Evolvability, Chinese Way to Heaven

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp.151-166. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.854MB).

Judy Kay King

Editor, Research and Consulting, Gaylord, Michigan, USA

My work centers on biosemiotics in cultural activities (mythology, literature, religion, science, art and so on) to determine human meaning, expand intentionality, and share knowledge about our potential for evolutionary survival and adaptation within the universe. My background includes an education grounded in semiotics, a ten-year career in college instruction related to writing, literature, mythology and business communication courses, academic positions in project management and staff development, self-employment as a competitive grant writer for educational goals, and experience as an author and publisher. I am interested in the enlightenment and preservation of humanity.


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