A Bird’s Eye View on Muslim Scholarship in Southeast Asia

By Rahmah Ahmad Osman and Khaled Ahmad Mohd Muhedat.

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The primary goal of this study is to open various windows into the contributions, thoughts and works of the Malay ‘Ulama’ and literary scholars in the Malay Archipelago over a period of around seven centuries, commencing with the establishment of Islam in the region during the latter part of the 13th century, and continuing on until the present day.
This study will present a number of ‘Ulama’ who constituted the core of scholarly networks throughout history; particular attention is given to the nature of their relationships in the networks.
This study is devoted to presenting the careers and teachings of the leading precursors of the Malay ‘Ulama’ in the history of Malay scholarly networks. Special attention is given to their connections with leading scholars in the networks in the Middle East, and to how teachings spread in the Archipelago related to Islamic renewalism and reformism in the centres.

Keywords: Malay, Muslim Scholars, Contribution

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 3, pp.51-62. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.241MB).

Rahmah Ahmad Osman

Associate Professor, Department Of Arabic Language and Literature, KIRKHS, International Islamic University Malaysia, Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia

I am an Associate Professor at the International Islamic University Malaysia. I specialize in comparative literary studies, Islamic literature and Arabic Poetry texts. My published works include, 2008- Al Manhij Al Abiyyah Al Islamiyyah Al ‘Arabiyyah wa Al Malayuwiyyah, Kuala Lumpur: IIUM Research Centre, 2008- Al Islam wa Al Adab Al Malayuwiy: Tahlilun lin Niqasyat fi Malizia, Kuala Lumpur: IIUM Research Centre, 2006 (Vol. 14, Number 1)Intellectual Discourse- “Islamic literature and Sastera Islami: A Conceptual Comparison”, 2008 (Vol. 5, Issue 11)- The International Journal of The Humanities, Australia- “Defining Islamic Literature” , page 133- 142,2008 (Vol. 1 2008/ 2009)- Majallat Kulliyyat Ad Dirasat Al Islamiyyah wa Al ‘Arabiyyah Banin, Dimyat (Majallat ‘Ilmiyyah Adabiyyah muhakkamah), “Tatawwur Al Qissah Al Malayuwiyyah An Nasawiyyah”, 2009 – The International Journal of Islamic Studies, Australia- “Awjuh Al Tashabuh wa Al Tabayun fi Sy’ir Al Wataniyyah Bayna Al Rasafi wa Al Zakawiy” (Accepted for publication).

Khaled Ahmad Mohd Muhedat

Postgraduate student, Dept. of Arabic Language and Literature, KIRKHS., International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia

B.A and M.A. at University of Jordan, Amman. Taught at the Dept. of Arabic Language and Literature, Colledge of Arts, Al Hussein Bin Talal University in 2005 and at Madrasah Al Banin, at Kulliyyah Jabal Amman, Jordan in 2003. He is currently a Ph.D candidate at the International Islamic University Malaysia.


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