Language as Intermediary of Trade and Culture: The Case of Central Asia Between Russia and Turkey

By Vassil Anastassov.

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The paper deals with the importance of language for the implementation of political goals
in the ex-Soviet republics of Central Asia on a diachronic basis, to start with the relative unity ( in
terms of both language and religion ) of semi-legendary Turkestan; via the (Soviet) Russian influence,
and to end up with the so-called ‘Turkish Model’. It aims at giving more light on the role of Russian
language policy, followed by the enormous impact of the Russian culture in the area. More specifically:
it aims at investigating how Tzarist-Communist Russian political hegemony, in terms of language, affected
the identity process of the Turkic population of Central Asia It was inspired by Marc Dickens’
impressive work. ‘Soviet Language Policy in Central Asia’ It is based on the assumption that in the
history of humankind there have been lots of cases where one language becomes predominant in areas
with mixed population, for the needs of ‘trade-culture’ interaction.It is interesting to admit that this
predominance may occur as the result of or without any political hegemony.

Keywords: Russian Language Policy, Identiy, Turkish Model

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 7, Issue 10, pp.37-46. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.199MB).

Dr. Vassil Anastassov

-, Dept.English Language and Literature, Faculty of Art and Science, Fatih University, -, Istanbul, Turkey

CURRICULUM VITAE OF VASSIL ANASTASSOV GENERAL Has more than 20 years of experience in teaching General, Indo-European, Slavic and Balkan Linguistics and General and Special English. Has been involved in research work and in the development of major academic projects.Many scientific articles published in Bulgaria, Poland and other countries. Participation in various conferences in Europe, USA, Canada. PERSONAL Date of Birth February 12th, 1950 Place of Birth Sofia Citizenship Bulgarian Marital Status Married with three children(spouse holds a degree in Electrical Engineering;eldest son studying International Relations at Istanbul Bilgi University; middle son studying Electrical Engineering at The French Technical University of Sofia; youngest son Studying at the American University of Bulgaria Scientific Language History; Interdisciplinary Approaches to Language Issues; Language as Means of Communication; Language Policy; English Interests Literature, Literary Theory Hobbies Trekking Home Page EMPLOYMENT HISTORY LINGUISTIC WORK 2005-2006 Istanbul Fatih University,Istanbul,Turkey Academic C ourse in Theoretical Grammar of The English Language 2004-2005 - Istanbul BEYKENT University,Istanbul,Turkey Academic Course in Introduction to Linguistics Academic Course in English Phonology Academic Course in History of the English Language 2002-2004 - Istanbul KULTUR University, Istanbul, Turkey Academic Course in Discourse Analysis 2001-2002 - Istanbul BILGI University,Istanbul,Turkey Academic Course in General Linguistics 1989-1992 – The South-West University of Blagoevgrad ‘Neophit Rilski’,Bulgaria Academic Course in General Linguistics Theoretical Problems of Language as Means of Communication English Semantics (Lectures and Seminars) 1982-1992 - The ‘Paisius Hilendarski’ University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria Theoretical Problems of Language as Means of Communication LINGUISTIC WORK IN ACADEMIC PROJECTS 1972-1992 – The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Linguistics Department of General,Indo-European and Balkan Linguistics: Bulgarian Etymological Dictionary Reserach Work on Lexical Loans in Modern Bulgarian Research Work on Morpho-Syntactic Characteristics of the Slavic Verb System Work on Dictionary Entries for the major project 2006- The world language system completed Sociolinguists or sociologists of language will write monographic studies on the language constellations around respectively Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, and Chinese in order to test, revise and complete the analysis and description of the global language system as presented in Words of the world (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands). LITERARY WORK 2004-2005 – Istan bul BEYKENT University Academic Course in Modern English Poetry (Kipling-Brooke-Pound-Amis- Larkin-Plath) 2003-2004 – Istanbul KULTUR University Academic Course in Anglo-Saxon Poetry (Beowulf-Chaucer) Academic Course in The English Victorian Novel(Dickens-Thackeray-The Brontes-G.Eliot-Gaskell-Collins-Hardy) Academic Course in Contemporary British Novel I ( Woolf-Forster-Rhys- Sillitoe) Academic Course in Contemporary British Novel II (M.Amis- Lodge-Hope- Byatt-Drabble) Academic Course in Literary Theory 2002-2003 - Istanbul KULTUR University Academic Course in Anglo-Saxon Poetry (From Beowulf to Chaucer) Academic Course in English Literature from Defoe to Austen Academic Course in the English Victorian Novel (Dickens-Hardy) Academic Course in Literary Theory Academic Course in Language of Literature (MA English Literature Program) ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING 2000 – 2002 Istanbul BILGI University Academic Writing EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS 1978-1982 Universitas Jagiellonica, Krakow,Poland Collecting data,references and research(including comparative text analysis of Biblical texts in Greek, Latin and Old Church Slavic) for the PHD-thesis The Proto-Slavic Iterative Verbs in the History of the Bulgarian Language (defended and degree awarded by the Linguistic Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 1984) 1968-1973 Sofia State University ‘St.Kliment Ohridski’ MA in Slavic and English Language and Literature Thesis: The Conditional Mood in Modern Bulgarian Thesis: Somerset Maugham’s The Moon and Sixpence 1965-1968 Comprehensive High School Nr.1 ‘Dimitar Blagoev’,Sofia,Bulgaria SPECIALIZED TRAINING 1997 Eurocentres Victoria London A Qualification course of English Language and Literature Course (Eurocentres Certificate of English – Mastrey 10+) 1988 A Specialization Course of Polish Language and Litarture ‘Polonicum’ University of Warsaw,Poland LANGUAGES High Proficiency; English,Polish Proficiency: French Working Knowledge: Spanish, German, Russian, Turkish Mother Tongue: Bulgarian MAJOR PUBLICATIONS Greek-Loan Words in Balkan Languages Through Bulgarian Linguistic Mediation, Linguistique Balkanique,Sofia,20/3,1977 Lichnite glagolni formi ‘spolavam’ i ‘spolajte’ v saotnoshenie s narechieto ‘spolajti’ i srednograzkoto slovosachertanie ‘eis polla ete’(On the verb forms ‘spolavam’ and ‘spolajte’ in connection with the adverbial form ‘spolajti’ and Byz.Greek ‘eis polla ete’), Festschrift Vladimir Georgiev,Sofia.1980,172-174 Varhu njakoi fonetichni osobenosti na razvoja na praslavjanskata glagolna osnova *alk- i proizvodnite i v slavjanskite ezitzi( On Some Particularities of the Phonetic Change of the Proto-Slavic Verb-stem *alk- and its derivatives in the Slavic Languages), Balgarski Ezik(Bulgarian Language), 30/4.19809.365-367 Miejsce Wielokrotnosci w Systemie Czasownikowym Polskim a Bulgarskim (The Place of Iterativity in the Polish and Bulgarian Verb Systems), 13 Centuries Bulgaria, Ossolineum, Warszawa,1983 Zapozyczenia greckie czasownikowe typu ‘lipsam, vapsam’ w jezyku bulgarskim(Greek Verbal Loans of the ‘vapsam,lipsam’ type im Modern Bulgarian), Balkanica Posnaniensia,vol.II Poznan,1985,61-65. Balgarskoto dialektno ‘nastjesh’ i slavjanskite my saotvetstvija (Bulgarian dialectal ‘nastejsh’ and its Slavic akin forms),Balgarski Ezik (Bulgarian Language),37/1-2,1897,102-104 Kam problematikata na dvuezikovite kontakti (On Some Problems of By-Lingual Contact),Studia z filologii polskiej i slowianskeij (Polish and Slavic Studies),25,Warszawa,1989,63-69 Praslavjanskye iterativnye glagoly v razvitii bolgarskogo jazyka(The Proto-Slavic Iteratıve Verbs in the History of the Bulgarian Language),Linguistique Balkanique,29/3,1986,11-64 Continuity and Discontinuity in the Scientific Knowledge About Language,Acta of the I Congress of Logic,Philosophy and mthodology of Science, Moscow,1987 Problemes de la penetration des verbes d’origine grecque dans les langue balkaniques,Linguistique Balkanique,32/1989 The Lingua Franca of the Past and Today: Political Dominance or Cultural Need? In: Lehmannová, Z. (ed.): Culture in International Relations. Prague 2005 Publishers: CEEISA, CZUNA. 215 pgs. To appear(2006): National vs. International: Hegemony or Isolationism, Fatih University online Journal, Knowledge About Language as Knowledge About the Location of the Ego in Time And Space, Journal for International Relations and Development The Languages of Central Asia Between Turkey and Russia, Fatih University Proceedings Language in Modern Political Theory, Proceedings of Fatih University I Conference on Transdisciplinarity and American Studies, Cambridge Scholars Press Forced Migration of Bulgarian Ethnic Turks, Proceedings of II Balkan Identity, Beykent University, Istanbul PARTAICIPATION IN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES II Conference on Balkan Linguistics,Varna, Bulgaria,1976 (talk) Internationl Conference on the History of Slavic Lexis,Leipzig,1977 (talk) .IV International Congress of AIESEE,Ankara,1979 (talk) II Bulgarian-Rumanian Symposium,Sofia,1980 (talk) Polish-Bulgarian Scientific Session,Warsaw,1981 (talk) .Poland and the Balkans from Mediaval Age to Modern Times, Poznan,1985(text submit IPRA International Congress,Barcelona,1990(poster: cognitive linguistics) ted) Seminar on Linguistic Methodology,Warsaw,1987 (talk) Synchrony and Diachrony in Linguistics,Duisburg,1991(talk: cognitive linguistics) Creativity within Constraints, Işık University,Istanbul,2001 (talk:ELT) 7th Annual Session of ASN, Columbia University,, New York, 2002(talk: language policy) .44th Annual Convention of ISA, Portland,Oregon,USA ,2003,(talk: language policy) Annual Convention of CESN, Harvard University, Cambridge,Massachusetts, USA,2003,(talk: language policy) 45 Annual Convention of ISA, Montreal,Quebec, Canada ,2004,(talk: language policy) 5th Pan-European Conference on International Relations The Hague,The Netherlands,2004 46 Convention of ISA, Honolulu,Hawaii,USA,2005 (panel discussant) Annual Convention of ESCAS,Krakow,Poland,2005 (talk: language policy) I Interantional Conference of ICAPA, Fatih University, Istanbul,2005 (talk) 47 Annual Convention of ISA. San Diego,CA,USA, 2006 (talk:languague policy) Conference on Transdisciplinarity and American Studies, Fatih University,Istanbul,2006 (talk) II International Conference on Balkan Identity, Beykent University, Istanbul, 2006 (talk) MEMEBRSHIP International Studies Association (Tucson,Arizona,USA) REFERENCES Prof. Dr. Şule Kut Vice Rector of Istanbul BILGI University Istanbul – Kuştepe Turkey Prof. Dr. Zuzana Lehmannova University of Economics, Faculty of International Relations, Prague, The Czech Republic Prof. dr. Abram de Swaan University professor of social science


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