Communication Challenges for Executives in a Culturally Diverse Work Place Post the Global Melt Down

By Pradnya V. Chitrao.

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The paper contends that the present global meltdown will end in restructuring and going
forward, the restructured global order will certainly be different from the earlier one. Less efficient
and outmoded companies will bite the dust, giving way to more efficient organizations with better
survival potential. The entire process will involve large scale movements of the workforce, who in
consequence, will need to cope up with greater cultural diversity. Managers will be forced to learn to
retain their competence when implanted in new cultural environments. Most managers tend to make the
mistake of presuming that knowing the language of a particular region or country, is enough. But
communication mistakes are not just confined to mastery over the language of another country/region.
Many executives also make the mistake of presuming that the social, class, and cultural values underlying
management ideas are universally the same. Managers will need to review their earlier paradigms
of communication, in order to ensure that lack of effective communication is not a stumbling block in
delivering on their targets. The paper gives examples of failure modes of communication in new work
environments as also the analysis of those failures. It shows how a comprehensive understanding of
the socio-cultural dynamics is vital for retaining the effectiveness in communication. It shows that
managers who retain their original cultural identity while adapting to new cultures, are liked and respected
for their genuineness. The paper makes it clear that there is a need to understand this phenomenon
better by carrying out a structured analysis of the feedback received from managers who
were called upon to cope with cultural diversity; in particular the success factors and failure modes
observed during dynamics of communication.

Keywords: Mergers, Cross Cultural Workforce, New Paradigms of Communication, Comprehensive Understanding of the Socio-cultural Dynamics, Paradigm Shift in Cross Cultural Communication

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp.349-360. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 619.396KB).

Dr. Pradnya V. Chitrao

Associate Professor, Communications Department, Symbiosis International Deemed University, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Prof of Corporate Communications/Organizational Communications having interest in gender studies as also communication studies (in particular cross cultural communication). I wish to study the various communication paradigms and the shifts in them on account of economic recession.


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