Tracing the Impact of Language Proficiency on ‘Thematic Organization and Thematic Progression in Iranian EFL University Students’ thesis Abstracts: Implications for Teaching ESAP Writing

By Sattar Mutaqed.

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The present study aimed to find out the possible thematic organization and thematic progression patterns and their relation to students’ level of language proficiency. For this aim, seventy male and female MA students majoring in engineering in Science and Research Campus in Tehran were selected. They were divided into three groups- high, mid, and low proficiency students according to their performance in Nelson Proficiency Test (200A). The three groups also sat for a homogeneity test (Fowler & Coe, 1976). Then their MA Final thesis abstracts were used for gathering the data from the students. The data were analyzed based on Halliday (1985) and McCabe (1999) models of thematic organization and progression. The result suggested that theme and rhyme patterning can be effectively applied in classrooms to help students in ESAP writing. Students will know where they are losing their effectiveness in their arguments due to problems with either thematic progression or thematic selection, or both. The findings of this study are applicable in teaching writing skill.

Keywords: Thematic Organization, Thematic Progression, ESAP Writing, Thesis Abstract Writing, Rheme

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp.73-86. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 666.231KB).

Sattar Mutaqed

Teacher, Behbehan Islamic Azad University, behbehan, khuzestan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I have an MA in TEFL. I also have a number papers presented or would be presented all over the world. I like to continue my PhD in your country.


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