The Limitation of e-Learning and the Psychology of Learners: The Case of a Humanity Course

By Dridi Akid Manel.

Published by The Humanities Collection

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E-learning has become frequently used in the educational systems all around the world with undeniable benefits for a wide scope of learners. However, virtual teaching and learning of a humanity course, such as a cultural and civilizational course, elicits a combination of the virtual and the traditional ways of learning to achieve better academic results. Based on my personnal experience in teaching the above-mentionned subject, I came to the conclusion that the love and acceptance of the subject are very important for the course assimilation. Therefore, my focus was on the psychology of the learners during their course attendance. Beginners and foreign language learners need a face-to-face interaction to better understand the humanity course. This paper is an attempt to defend the human side of the learning process without denying the importance of the technological invention, namely the virtual universities. The combination between the two methods would be more beneficial for learners around the world.

Samples of students are mentionned in this paper to stress their psychology, their interaction with the teacher and with their classmates.The paper presents a description of the main objectives and activities of a civilizational and cultural traditional course to stress the importance of the face-to-face teaching.

Keywords: e-Learning, Psychology of Learners, Humanity Course, Face-to-Face Learning, Teacher-students Interaction, Student-student Interaction

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 8, Issue 5, pp.259-268. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 602.010KB).

Dridi Akid Manel

Contractor Assistant, Department of Languages, English Language, Higher Institute of Applied Languages and Computer Science, Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia

I am a contractor assistant(a woman) working in one of the Higher Institutes of Tunisia (in Beja, North west Tunisia). I am thirty one years old, married and mother of a three-year old girl. I have held the position of a contractor assistant for four years now and I have been teaching various subjects mainly introduction to Anglo-American cultural and civilizational concepts. I have the MA in civilization and I am currently working on a Ph D proposal on American cultural studies (on the illegal immigration in the USA (2003-2008) and the endogenous policy).


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