This Stops Stereotyping! A Method to Train Teachers to Stop Stereotyping Students

By Sara Worley.

Published by The Humanities Collection

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Stereotyping is a destructive human habit that judges people before knowing their true qualities. It can slow or even stop community understanding, work place success, or student achievement. Stereotyping starts with one individual’s harmful perception about another individual’s religion, race, sexual orientation, differently-abled (disabled), socio-economics, language, age or educational opportunities. This method takes students through content study, group and one-on-one experiences, interviews, group discussion and written reflections. Student-centered university courses allow education majors the freedom to discover their stereotyping behavior using this methodology. It is critical that future teachers learn how to avoid passing on their personal stereotypes to students. Ethnic Discoveries methodology requires four months of listening, content study, critical reflection, writing and group sharing about community experiences like: ‘being a temporary minority ’.

Keywords: Stop Stereotyping, Teacher Training, Community Building

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 8, Issue 7, pp.39-48. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 594.408KB).

Dr. Sara Worley

Assistant Professor of Education, School of Education, Macon State College, Macon, Georgia, USA

Communities where education and diversity succeed wonderfully or fail miserably interest me. I learn from the successful and try to apply it where the needs are immense. That is why I left a larger University to build a brand new School of Education at more rural college here in Georgia. This state ranks as 46th in education out of 50. We have worked hard and each graduating class since 2007 has scored 96th percent or higher on the national test. Something is working. I hope to share one discovery with your organization because I believe our goals are similar. I have taught and coached for twenty-five years in around the U.S. public and private education. My graduate work has been in Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta in the areas of diversity and special education. I am passionate about this work.


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