Human Resources Problems in the Turkish Media Management and Solution Model Developed in Terms of New Management Approaches

By Güzin KIyIk and EMİNE Özlem Ataman.

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The concept of the human resource, which is the key of the success for each sector and enterprise, is of same importance within media sector. As the sector is generally characterized with performance-oriented structure, the sensitivity on human resources management is further increased. In the present study where basic elements differentiating media from other sectors were primarily revealed out, management discipline is examined over media sector. The principal aim of the study is to determine problems experienced by individuals working in the media industry as a whole sector and to offer a model providing solution to those problems over new management concepts (transformational leadership, psychological contract, employee empowerment, etc.).

When recent media sector in Turkey is examined, significant gaps in the field of management are evidenced. Therefore, problems are experienced in the media sector including short term working life replacing the concept of life-long employment in the media sector, intra-organizational communication problems, detachments in the organizational commitment, performance losses, decreased corporate efficiencies and low profit margins. In order to clarify particular problems of human resources in the media management leading to resultant above mentioned problems, in-depth interviews were made with individuals from the sector. Findings obtained as a consequence of those interviews are grouped under particular titles. At the end of the study, an analysis-focused model is set forth including an innovative perspective and new management concepts for each problem.

Keywords: Media Management, Human Resources, Management Model

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 8, Issue 8, pp.199-214. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 659.586KB).

Güzin KIyIk

Lecturer, Department of Management and Organization, Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey

Güzin KIYIK was born in Eskişehir in 1981. She is graduated from Anadolu University Economic and Management Science Faculty, Department of Business at 2002. Then She is graduated from Anadolu University Social Science Institute, Department of Business Management Master Programme at 2004. After university, she worked as a human resarch manager in the retail company at 2005. And then she won the doctorate programme. Now, she continues her doctorate education in Anadolu University Social Science Institute Department of Management and Organization. She also works in Media Center as a programme director at Radio A.

Assist. Prof. EMİNE Özlem Ataman

Assistant Professor, Department of Cinema Television, Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey

Emine Özlem ATAMAN was graduated from Anadolu University, Communication Sciences Faculty, Cinema and Television Department. She studied M.A. at Communication Sciences major in 1995. The name of M.A. thesis is, “The Use of Interactive Television in Distance Education-Model of Open Education Faculty”. She completed her Ph. degree in Cinema and Television major in 2002. The name of Ph. D. thesis is “Gender Roles in Cinema: The Representation of Gender Roles in Turkish Cinema Between Years of 1980 and 1999”. She has been working as Assistant Prof. Dr. since 2001. She also works in Media Center as a broadcasting manager at Radio A.


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