Developing In-service Teachers’ Scientific Ways of Knowing

By Sufian Forawi and Xin Liang.

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This study examined in-service teachers’ conceptions of the nature of science and the use of inquiry teaching strategies as they relate to scientific ways of knowing. The study investigated three major questions: 1) what conceptions of the nature of science do in-service teachers hold at the beginning of a one-month long science institute? 2) What is the relationship between in-service teachers’ conceptions of the nature of science and their inquiry teaching participation at the end of one-month institute? 3) What are the attributes of scientific ways of knowing based on in-service teachers’ responses after one year of the institute? The composite score of the total SNS score change of participants was statistically significant [t (5.22) p >.00]. The qualitative analyses revealed several themes such as that the guided-inquiry instruction was found to be appropriate in developing a better understanding of the in-service teachers’ scientific ways of knowing.

Keywords: Nature of Science, Scientific Ways of Knowing, Guided-inquiry Instruction, In-service Teacher Professional Development

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp.265-276. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.147MB).

Prof. Sufian Forawi

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, The British University in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Sufian A. Forawi is currently a Senior Lecturer of Science Education in the Faculty of Education at the British University in Dubai. Dr. Sufian obtained a bachelor degree in Biology from the University of Alexandria, Egypt, a master’s degree in Education from Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan, and an Ed.D. in Science Education from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA in 1996. His area of expertise is in the Nature of Science, Teacher Education, Science Technology, & Global Education. He was awarded a Fulbright teaching exchange at the UAE University in 2007-2008. Dr. Sufian has 15 years of science teaching and coordination experience in higher education and 6 years of high school administration and teaching. He has been active with the state of Ohio assessment system in the USA for many years. He has been a member of several science education organizations such as the National Association of Research on Science Teaching (NARST), the American Educational Research Association (AERA), and the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA). He also presented at the prestigious Oxford Round Table, England and at the SLO International Conference in the Netherlands. He worked as Chair and Editor of the Science Education Section of the Missouri Academy of Science in 2000-2002. He has published widely in peer reviewed journals.

Dr. Xin Liang

Professor, Higher Education and Leadership, The University of Akron, Akron, OH, USA

Dr. Xin Liang received a PhD from the University of North Dakota in Teaching & Learning/Research Methodologies in 2002. She recently works as a professor of education at the Department of Higher Education and Leadership at the University of Akron, in the United States. She has been actively involved in research, teaching and community. She has been awarded several important grants and awards, such as the Ohio Department of Education and Cleveland Municipality. Xin has widely published in several areas in education in peer reviewed journals. She is a co-editor and a member of several organizations, such as the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the American Evaluation Association (AEA). She was the Vice President of the Freedom House for Women, INC.


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