Towards a Redefinition of the Human in Humanism

By William Kitchin.

Published by The Humanities Collection

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The humanist presumption that humans’ default cognitive mode is rational-analytic is undermined by numerous findings in the biological and brain sciences.

Keywords: Active Negative Personality, Biology, Biopolitics, Brain, Brain Sciences, Cognition, Concorde Effect, D4DR, Dopamine, Genetics, Histocompatibility Complex, Humanism, Mhc, Moral Judgments, Novelty Seeking, Personality, Rational-Analytic, Cognition, Rationality, Serotonin, Silicofluoride, Social Intuitionist Model, Sunk Cost

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 2, Issue 1. Article: Electronic (PDF File; 288.668KB). Article: Print (Spiral Bound).


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