The Pursuit of Best Practice in Teaching and Learning: Visualisation of a Framework for an Ideal Curriculum

By Bruce Cadle.

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The demand for graduates with more competencies, more knowledge, a broader world view and value system, liberated minds and rapidly evolving job descriptions and competitiveness in the marketplace, plus internationalisation in education and competition for status, students and funding at universities, should inform curriculum development in the 21st century. The pursuit of best-practice in teaching and learning is thus paramount to successful higher education and concomitantly it should inform curriculum development. Pursuant to the views of educational theorists and the author’s practice, this paper will present a visualisation of a framework for an ‘Ideal Curriculum’. The model thus presented is a flowchart intended for use as a tool for reviewing learning programmes to establish whether they have best practice credentials, but is also intended for use as a guideline for developing curricula that are a balance of modalities: formal and hidden learning, with vocational and academic tracks. The model has particular resonance to the visual arts programmes from former polytechnic-type universities, where emphasis has traditionally been on hand skills and vocational outcomes, but has since shifted on to encompass critical discourse, cultural awareness, social responsibility, environmental sensitivity and globalism, as these universities became subsumed into the broader tertiary network.

Keywords: Best Practice, Ideal Curriculum, Higher Education, Teaching and Learning

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 9, Issue 8, pp.195-206. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 772.814KB).

Bruce Cadle

Principal Lecturer and Programme Leader: Postgraduate Studies, Department of Applied Design, School of Music, Art and Design, Faculty of Arts, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Bruce Cadle is a lecturer in Graphic Design at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. He has been an educator since mirror balls were invented, believes in the indomitable human spirit and that designers will (should) save the world. He is interested in the exciting possibilities that occur when design, art and other disciplines converge and new possibilities for synergy blossom. As a researcher his interests range from design authorship to contemporary culture, curriculum development, and teaching and learning methodology. He espies himself as a positivist, aware of wilderness, good citizenship and the power of rock to bolster the soul-he is also of epicurean persuasion and loves to travel.


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