The Challenge of Discourses: Normative Orders and Ethnicity

By Somayeh Karimi.

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Ethnic discourse can be based on a close relationship between the definition of ethnicity and the comprehension of normative orders. Ideological standpoints can shape the direction of the normative orders of the society, and the ethnic discourse can be oriented toward the creation of a certain utterance as a result of it. This article is concerned with mutual contact and influence between ethnic discourse and normative orders and it sets forth how perceptions of this connection can provide us with a deep anthropological approach to social changes. This paper also explores to what extent ethnic discourse can emerge out of the interaction between different senses and interpretations among social groups. In any given field of study, at the heart of an attempt to lay down a legitimate model of identity, language emerges as an embodiment of normative orders in the form of lingual integration. This article focuses on three cases of ethnic discourses in the north of Iran concerning the conception of normative orders.

Keywords: Normative Orders, Ethnic Discourse, Ethnic Intellectual

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 9, Issue 8, pp.83-94. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 751.438KB).

Somayeh Karimi

PhD Student, Department of Anthropology, Exzellenzcluster „Die Herausbildung normativer Ordnungen", Goethe University, Frankfurt am main, Germany

Somayeh Karimi, born in Tehran, Higher education: B.A. in anthropology at Tehran university 1998–2002, M.A. in Anthropology at Tehran University 2003–2005, researcher and writer of some atricles in anthropological magazines or books in Tehran such as: “Sacred Economy”, Journal of Research Centre, Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism Organization, Tehran 2006, “Culture of poverty and crime”, in Crime and Culture, ed. Q. Biabani, Karagah Publication. pp. 27–86. 2006. Tehran, “Scape and crime” with Alireza Hassanzadeh, Journal of Karagah, criminal anthropology. Feb 2006. Tehran, “women anthropologists” in Memories of Iranian Anthropologists, Ed. J. Moshiri. Afkar publication. 2008. Tehran, “Methodology, ethnic memory and anthropology” in Memories of Iranian Anthropologists, Ed. J. Moshiri. Afkar publication. 2008. Tehran, “Applied anthropology and answering to society problems” in Journal of Karagah, Jan 2008. Tehran, “Food and the system of exchange” in Food and culture, ed. A. Hassanzadeh. Mahrnamag, 2008, Tehran. Writer of two books: “Tehran Bazaar, study of bazaarian by economic anthropology perspective”, and “study of Afghan children in Iran, anthropological view”. PhD candidate of Goethe University since 2009.


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