The Spiritual Approach to the Body through the Sari in India

By Helene Cristini.

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When examining our current crises, a number of philosophers would explain that most of
them are part of a phenomenon whereby the world is obsessed by an economic system which is at
the forefront of everything and has secured the strongest position. When examining fashion in the West,
the status of women and men mirror this vision. Occidentals tend to consider all phenomena in a
fragmented manner. Be it finances, economy, art, fashion, clothes-making, bodies or people, all are
approached without enough connections being made. In the East, on the contrary, each area, each
discipline is considered in an organic way that brings interconnections to light. After presenting
fashion in the West and analyzing the place of women and their bodies in this society, I shall then explore
clothing as a thematic concept in India, using the sari as a main illustration; the place of women and the
articulation of their bodies in the East will therefore be examined thanks to the great contribution of
Mrs. Rosenda Meer, a famous Italian lady (married to a Kashmeri man and his beautiful culture) in the
world of couture for her daring assemblage of occidental and oriental clothing art and her use of the
most precious fabrics.

Keywords: Fashion’s Dictates, Cartesian Encoding of the Western World, Physiological and Spiritual Needs, Outrageous Versus Modest, Harmony

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 9, Issue 9, pp.25-34. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 799.965KB).

Dr. Helene Cristini

Professor, International Relations Theory, International University of Monaco, Monaco, Monaco

A French citizen, I studied at University of Texas in Austin and at University of Mass, Amherst(Master in Political Science). Then I traveled to India to study at the University of Bombay, where I did my P.h.D in Political science.


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