The Nomadic Writers in Japan and America: Language, Identity, and Home

By Keiko Nakano.

Published by The Humanities Collection

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In the era of globalization, multicultural writers have come to prominence in various countries. They use the choice of language as an effective literary weapon to describe their multi-layered identities and their search for “home” in their trans-cultural background. In order to examine this literary phenomena, two transnational writers’ works will be compared; Kyoko Mori’s The Dream of Water: a Memoir and Hideo Levy’s The Room Where the Star-Spangled Banner Can’t be Heard. Mori, though born in Japan, writes her works in English, while Levy, a Jewish American, writes his works in Japanese.

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 1. Article: Print (Spiral Bound), ISSN: 1447-9508, HC03-0063-2003. Article: Electronic (PDF File; 236.550KB), ISSN: 1447-9559, HC03-0063-2003.

Prof., Keiko Nakano

Instructor in Japanese at John Carroll University; B.A., Tsuda College, Tokyo; M.A. in English, John Carroll University; Ph.D (ABD) in Comparative Literature, Pennsylvania State University; Instructor, 1992 - present


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