Social Texture of the Central Asian Commercial Terrain: Kyrgyz, Russian and Uzbek Merchants in the Post-Soviet Trading Networks

By Emil Nasritdinov and Kevin O'Connor.

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The research explores the relation between the economic performance and relational characteristics of three major ethnic groups of merchants: Kyrgyz, Russian and Uzbek on three major markets in Kyrgyzstan

Keywords: Ethnicity, Kinship, Relational Assets, Social Networks, Informal Trade, Cross-Border Trade, Open-Air Markets, Bazaars, Post-Soviet Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan

International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 5, pp.121-134. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 2.482MB).

Dr. Emil Nasritdinov

Emil Nasritdinov is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne. He graduated from the Kyrgyz State Institute of Architecture, Construction and Transportation with Bachelors in Urban Design in 1997. He then received Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Hawaii, 2001, and Masters of Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago, 2002. His research interests are broad. They range from physical aspects of urban environments to social and cultural dimensions of regional development.

Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor is Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Melbourne. He graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1970, with a Master of Commerce awarded for a thesis on Regional Development in the Latrobe Valley. That was followed by a PhD at McMaster University in Canada in 1974, with research into the national and regional influences on the growth of Canadian cities. His teaching and research explores the links between the economic system (particularly focussing upon the service sector) and the growth and internal structure of cities (using Australia and Melbourne as a case study).


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