Speculation vis a vis Faith and Reason in Islam and Christianity: Medieval Attempts at Incorporating Reason with Revelation

By Isham Ahmad.

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Medieval philosophers were confident that they must and could interpret and assimilate philosophy i.e. Greek philosophy into the religious ethos. The medieval philosophers' reasoning on why it was necessary to incorporate philosophy into the religious ethos is because philosophy provided the proofs for theoretical opinions in religion.

For the Muslim philosophers, its major proponent, al-Farabi, sees revelation as the ultimate culmination of the highest intellectual truths transformed and put into a symbolic language with power to motivate man to right action. Revelation is capable to be understood by all and more importantly to drive and commit them to action.

Aquinas adds a Christian dimension to this debate on the relationship of revelation to reason through his arguments for natural law. The need to investigate the relationship of revelation and reason and from this its implications on natural law and the future of the development of ethics has now an added dimension and importance.

Keywords: Reason, Revelation, Natural Law, Ethical Foundations

The International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 4, Issue 10, pp.47-56. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.859MB).

Dr. Isham Ahmad

Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Religion, International Islamic University, Malaysia

Dr Isham Pawan Ahmad is an Assistant Professor teaching philosophy at the International Islamic University, Malaysia. He obtained his Master at the University of Chicago and PhD from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. My research focuses mainly on questions on epistemology and how it impacts our understanding of the relationship of revelation to reason. This understanding shapes our view of religion and ethical worldview. I have expanded this research to include works on interfaith dialogue which translated in collaborations in works on global religious understanding and appreciation which translate into recognition and acceptance of global ethics. He has written and presented numerous papers is on both locally and internationally.


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